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VRC Industrial Solutions was formed in 2013 by the brothers Mitch Kusterer and Ben Kusterer with a mission to provide customers with an excellent source for engineering, design, fabrication, repair and field service support. We pride ourselves in the use of cutting edge technologies and strategies to develop and produce high performance products and solutions of paramount quality and reliability. VRC Industrial Solutions is unique because of our focus on technology paired with an unmatched focus problem solving and our ability to execute successful solutions for diverse challenges.

Both Mitch and Ben lead by example. They are passionate problem solvers and promote that passion in every project. 

Mitch Kusterer is the acting Business Manager of the VRC Industrial Solutions. Mitch proudly served as a Captain and Helicopter Pilot in the United States Marine Corps. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the United States Naval Academy. Mitch brings a foundation of character and leadership to the front of the company. With his experience overcoming impossible challenges under extraordinary circumstances he provides the experience necessary to lead a highly technical company that maintains its integrity and character no matter the circumstances. His proven performance in leadership and experience in both aerospace and military industries will enable VRC Industrial Solutions to set, achieve, and exceed its goals.

Ben Kusterer is the acting Engineering Manager of VRC Industrial Solutions. Ben has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a Lead Mentor on a First Robotics Team and a hobbyist inventor. He has experience across multiple industries including heavy construction, industrial manufacturing, chemical processing, precision machining, and industrial equipment sales. Ben’s practical thinking, hands-on work ethic, and technical competence are key factors to his success. Ben’s expertise in mechanical system design, fabrication, and machine service, provides the top quality technical leadership needed to provide professional services as Engineering Manager for VCR Industrial Solutions.